Call to Protest at the Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Call to Protest

Saudi Women’s Rights Need Your Help!

Stand in protest and turn your backs with us to oppose the Saudi Monarchy’s Gender Apartheid during the opening ceremony of the Olympics!

In less than five days, the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics will begin, and Saudi Arabia will only include two female athletes. The Saudi monarchy’s blatant gender discrimination should not be tolerated anymore. We need your help to raise awareness, pressure the IOC and end gender discrimination once and for all in Saudi Arabia.

Our campaign, No Women No Play was launched in April 2009 to combat the Gender Apartheid that is currently taking place in Saudi Arabia. Saudi women and girls are not allowed to participate in organized sports, do not have access to physical education in schools and are not allowed to compete domestically or internationally at a sporting event for their country. Over the last three years, our organization has fought to pressure the International Olympic Committee to ban Saudi Arabia from competing in any Olympic games until they end the systematic gender discrimination in their country.

What is worse is the lack of political, economic, legal, and social rights women across the country face on a day to day basis. The women of Saudi Arabia deserve these rights.

Now is the time to stand up for Saudi women and girls. We must fight for not only their right to participate in sports but for true gender equality in Saudi society. The IOC is violating its own Olympic Charter, a legally binding document, and continues to stonewall our organization and allow Saudi Arabian women equal rights and access to sports. We have sent numerous letters to the IOC detailing our concerns and they have either given us patronizing responses, or have not cared at all.

Let’s send a message to the International Olympic Committee that their tokenistic inclusion of women as part of the Saudi Arabian team is not lost on us. Unless female participation in the Olympics is accompanied by real and substantial change within the country in regards to women’s rights, the IOC has failed the international community and the women of Saudi Arabia to uphold their charter.

Stand with us in protest during the opening ceremony as the Saudi team walks out and turn your backs on them and their Gender Apartheid practices. Show the IOC how abhorrent their complacent actions are and that it will not be tolerated!

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